Mark Mehlman

Mark Mehlman, the founder and President of East Coast Holdings, began buying New York City apartment buildings in 1995. Since then, he has amassed a considerable real estate portfolio. While still pursuing local assets, the local regulatory and political environment has shifted Mark’s focus to out of state properties as well. In the past few years, he has purchased apartment complexes in 10 states and is aggressively looking to expand his portfolio. Mark is currently a managing member or has significant equity stake in over 4,500 apartments nationwide.

Mark has formed strong relationships with a myriad of lenders and real estate brokers throughout his long and distinguished career in real estate. He is very well known in the New York City market and is recognized as someone that goes to contract quickly and closes on time. It is Mark’s out of the box thinking, cutting edge analysis and access to capital that has solidified his reputation and contributed to his success.

Mark takes a hands-on approach to all transactions and is directly involved in all aspects of it’s structuring, acquisition, and financing. Mark's philosophy is simple. Unwavering honesty and integrity, coupled with performance and profitability, has earned him the confidence of his large pool of investors. With his understanding of the current markets and a vision for the future, Mark has been successful in all aspects of the real estate market. He has endured and succeeded during every turn of the market over the last 25 years.

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